Hmong Bracelet

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Hmong Bracelet
Hmong Bracelet

 When I move to Minnesota with my family, my sister and I did not get along for another reason. My maternal uncle was a shaman and he did a ritual on the bracelet. He told my sister and I to wear the bracelet that he gave to us and never take it off. He had a small bottle of water and he told me and my sister to spit on the water for us to not be unhappy, and get angry at each other or to never yell at each other. When it was done he told my mom to keep the small bottle of water that my sister and I spit in it to keep it safe and to never lose it or else something bad might happen to us. My uncle told us something about the bracelet than keeping me and my sister to get along. He said the Hmong bracelet is made of a copper. The reason we wear these is that to keep away the ghost, to not have a bad dream, to keep you safe, and do not have bad luck. People wear Hmong bracelet to remember the important people in their family who passed away. Hmong people always do a ritual on the bracelet to keep safe and to pass the bracelet from generation to generation. That’s why people wear the bracelet. 

Place(s): Laos, Minnesota
Year: 1980

– Zoua Pa Xiong

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant