El Niño Dios

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is El Niño Dios which we call him in Mexico. This came from Mexico, my aunt passed it to my mom.This object is important to my culture is because we are Catholic and we celebrate Christmas Dec 25, when Jesus was born, we sing the “Posadite’’ which we call it in Mexico. We sing to him to celebrate when he was born. These are the songs we sing to him: Tutanina, Rin Rin, A la Natnita nana, Noche de paz, Peces en el Rio.El Niño Dios which we call him, his name in English is “Baby Jesus” and my aunt gave El Niño Dios to my mom and we have had the El Niño Dios for eight years.

Year: 2008

– Angie

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant