History Souvenir

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

History can mean a lot, whether it's the history of an item, a person, or a country. Your history can't be changed, it just there and will always define who you are. History is all about your origin and where you come from. My history starts with my parents who came from El Salvador and Mexico. The object I'm using is from my mom’s history. My mother traveled here to the United States, as a young woman, she had to make a life for herself her. Now, the always tells me stories about her life in El Salvador. There weren't many things to choose, but I thought that the perfect object would be something in my everyday life. I chose a key holder , that my mom was gifted. The object itself has purpose because of where it came from, and who gave it to her. It is a souvenir given to her, by my grandma, she brought it back when she visited El Salvador. It is significant to me because it shows me my roots. Everyday I see the key holder, and everyday it reminds me where I came from, and where my family began. It contributes to me as a person because it makes me feel whole.

– Jose Fraire

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant