Hedwig, the Owl
Hedwig, the Owl

Joe is my grandfather, the eldest of 6 and son of a Presbyterian minister in the Virginia Appalachian mountains. He built a living by constructing homes in Virginia to support his wife and two children after serving in the military and growing up poor. This endeavor eventually led to his financial success and the freedom to practice his hobby: woodworking. His hobby created a culture of creativity that is not only physically passed down but also intangibly passed down through interests like music, sewing, and graphic design. 
One particular carving I have inherited is the owl, named Hedwig after I noted the uncanny similarity between his carving and Hedwig from my favorite book series. I see Hedwig as an object of loyalty and wisdom. The carving, with the bright yellow eyes and the white feathers, characterizes Joe and his curiosity. So while I spend time in my room with Hedwig, I am reminded of Joe looking over me, filling my room with passion for his creative outlet. The love that Joe incorporated into his masterpieces, the desire for which he wanted to learn and understand, radiates from the objects he created. This adoration was also embodied through his interactions with me as a child, teaching me what it's like to be loved. My lesson is to be like Joe. Enjoy your hobbies with your heart and spread that love to the people you care about.

– MK Huddleston

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