Heaven's Door Mountain

The best experience of visiting the most beautiful mountain in the world, Heaven's Door Mountain (Taimen Mountain). This Mountain is enormous, the best way to reach the top is by cable car. Although my ears popped a bunch of times, the view was amazing. The scenery is beautiful. Seeing uncountable mountain peeks, the 99 bend which is 99 sharp curves on a road up to the mountains and bringing people back down from the top, and also the deep valleys. On this mountain, the scariest part was walking the glass skywalk, normally know as the "Walk of Faith", also crazy drivers who doesn't know how to slow down when making a turn. Anyway, the skywalk was a great experience but also to see if i was afraid of heights, which thank god I'm not. After all of that craziness, we had to get to the middle of the mountain for a car ride back down. The tour guide gave us two choices. Either taking the elevator or walk down 999 steep steps, of course I walked, not knowing I had to take a bunch of pictures as memories for my family, which I'm so glad i did. It was the most tiring thing about that day. It was hot, humid, stuffy, and along with my long hair, SWEATY! Going to China to experience was amazing. I would for sure go again to explore more places, and visiting families was another part.  

– alison li

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