Harry Potter Book

First Harry Potter book
First Harry Potter book

 My mom started reading me Harry Potter when I was in first grade. I LOVED the books, and I still do. My/our collection of Harry Potter books means a lot to me because of this connection with my mom. It was the first big bonding experience we had that I remember. I have memories still of sitting on the bed waiting to hear the next part of the story, of my mom trying to do voices (not too bad, actually), of being frustrated with cliffhanger chapter endings. I also love these books because of the story of the sixth one: my mom bought it on her honeymoon in Spain, because that was when it came out. I also think hearing those books did a lot to inspire my love of reading. It’s the most significant reading experience I can remember. I’m never going to get rid of these books. If I ever have kids I’ll read them to my kids and hope they get as much out of the experience as I did. 

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