My Moms great great great great grandma passed this handkerchief down all the way to my mom. It is just a simple handkerchief that is blue and white and made of cotton. This is special to my moms family because all of them used it for funerals and important emotional events that are very important in my family. My moms great great great great grandma was from Louisiana and bought this "Southern Belle" handkerchief. This can connect me to my culture because one of my ancestors that lived a long time ago had this exact item and it was so important to her she had it passed down many generations and many more to come probably. Also, since it was used to wipe tears at special events, it is supposedly like most every important thing that has happened to all of the people with it because it has been there with them. Overall, this handkerchief is really cool and a very important part of my family's history and is almost like we have all the important things that my family has done all in one object that my mom has, a handkerchief. Later on she will pass it to my sister and my sister to her daughter that way it stays in my family for a long long time.

Place(s): Louisiana

– Ari Herron

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more