Hair Wrapping Cloth

In Attire

This above or below is a head wrap that was given to me by my aunt. Although, she is only African American she expresses her sense of style as an “African queen." So, when she gave me this head wrap I thought of it as special and unique to me because it was different, colorful and looks as if it has some kind of story behind it. She allows me to feel powerful and feel worthy or of value as a female. This shows my connection to my aunt on a deeper level as to why this fabric means so much to me. It also represents to me what being American is because you can have your own passion in doing things that express you as a person and not care what anybody thinks of it. You can express yourself through clothing , even though it may not be from your culture it still can define part of who you are as a person. This fabric has it’s own way of expressing its beauty based on its tribal designs and sometimes when I wear it on my head it gives me the power to feel comfortable. Even on the outside people may look at me and be like “why your wearing that, are you African” and I could respond saying “no”. They might look at me side ways but it still wouldn’t change how wearing it makes me feel. This fabric has some kind of cultural vibe that makes me feel like I’m at home in Jamaica. Even though I haven’t been there or fully got to know my culture as much from my dad’s side, I’m able to connect with my roots on a stronger level. That’s the beauty of that and why this fabric being wrapped around my head means so much to me and is of value to me.

Place(s): Bronx, New York

– Shariah

Relationship:  unknown unknown