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Relationship: Im/migrant
14K White Gold Heart Shaped 15 Quinceañera Ring
14K White Gold Heart Shaped 15 Quinceañera Ring

This is my great grandma’s ring that she received from her mother. This was given on her 15th birthday, also known as, her quinceañera. A quinceañera is a Latino celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday and her transition from a child to adulthood which is followed by a party. My great grams had no daughters. She choose her grand daughter, my mother, to have this ring when she turned fifteen. Mentioning to my mother to pass it on to her daughter in the future. Sooner or later, I was almost turning fifteen when she mentioned this ring to me. It was such an honor to receive this gift. Means everything to me, holds a little of family history. I will pass it down my daughter some day. This ring will hopefully be passed generation after generation. 

Year: 2000

– Yasmine

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant