i dont have a photo of my object
i dont have a photo of my object

I have always been surrounded by music, growing up I listened to everything from the Bee Gees to Beethoven. I always wanted to find an instrument to play but nothing would ever stick until I tried the ukulele and then later the guitar. My mothers family has never been much of a musical bunch, my mother can play the piano and has an immense knowledge of 80s music, but her family is a very science and business oriented group of individuals. One night my mom and I were sitting around and talking when she said something that surprised me. “Your grandfather used to play the guitar. He had a 12 string one, he would play for me when I was young.” She told me. “I always tried to play it myself, but it was too difficult. It was made out of dark wood and it had a Spanish style headstock.” This caught my interest and I immediately went on a search about guitars. I learned that 12 string guitars were invented in America in 1961 and my grandfather learned how to play when he was 20. His story even inspired me to attempt to play the guitar and a few months after my mother told me the story I got my own acoustic guitar. 

– SM

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