The delicious object that I chose is guatita. This food is extremely popular in Ecuador and its well known for being awesome. Guatita is widely considered as Ecuador’s national dish and the Ecuadorians love it more than they love their president. I vividly remember waking up on a warm Sunday morning, knowing that me and my family were about to enjoy some typical Ecuadorian food. Every Sunday I ordered the same dish, guatita. My mother would place a large blanket on the living room floor and we would all sit together, happy and comfortable. My parents usually watched novellas Monday thru Friday but on Sundays the TV was always set on the ABC channel. ABC always had a children’s movie on Sunday. The dialogue of the movies were very simple to understand so me and my young siblings understood and so did my parents. The emotions I had during those Sundays were nothing but pure happiness. I remember my dad told me once he was blessed to have us in his life. Although I did not understand what he meant at the time, looking back I can see why he was so happy. He has a new family and the culture he left years ago in his country, he was able to bring it back and share it with the people he loved the most. One day I’ll take my son out for guatita and I’ll smile because I’ll think about how happy my father was.

Year: 1988

– brian

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