Green Jade Bracelet

In Attire

 My mom moved to America from the Philippines with her parents and two sisters in 1972, when she was just three years old. Although she was young and didn’t live in the Philippines for long, Filipino culture had a big influence on the way she was raised. I don’t speak Tagalog (the Filipino language) but I do call my grandmother Lola, and my grandfather Lolo. My Lola had a rough upbringing. She was a child during WWII, and she lost her little brother in a bombing. She is big on superstition and certain objects mean a lot to her, one of them being the stone Jade. It is believed that Jade brings good fortune to those who wear it or keep it in their home. She gave me a jade bracelet as a gift for my twelfth birthday. The bracelet is very valuable and means a lot to me so I don’t wear it on a daily basis, but I do on special occasions. Although I’m not as big on superstitions, it means a lot to my Lola who is very important to me, and represents a part of Filipino culture and the way my ancestors were raised. I want to pass this bracelet down to my kids one day and explain to them that objects can hold lots of meaning, and that staying positive in tough situations is important. I also want my kids to know the struggle our ancestors went through and how grateful they should be to live in a developed free nation.

Place(s): Philippines, America
Year: 1972

– Violet Lane

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant