Greek Statue

When people emigrate they, for the most part, cannot bring all of their possessions. One can be surprised by what people choose to actually bring with them and leave behind. My friend’s mother, Elizabeth DeVito, came from Greece at the tender age of 10. Her father had lost his job and instead of being broken by this this, he saw this as an opportunity to start over in a new land. She did not have much say in what the family decided to bring over: her parents however knew exactly what they were going to bring. Along with other things, one thing they knew for sure they’d bring was the antique statue they have had since “forever.” It was practically another member of their family. Before coming to America it had followed the family through 7 different homes and it was without a doubt following them to their new home in a new land. When her parents passed, she being the first child married, Elizabeth inherited this member of the family. She grew up with this statue and displays it proudly in her home. They boys grew up hearing from their mother way it was and always will be part of their family and now my friend and his brothers argue about who will be the next to possess this member of the DeVito household.

Year: 1970

– Kevin Garay

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