Great-grandmothers Blanket

Hand-sewn Blanket
Hand-sewn Blanket

   Throughout my childhood, my great-grandmother and I have spent time exchanging handmade gifts with each other. Most of the time my gifts were arts and crafts and my great-grandmother’s gifts were essential items. One year, my great-grandmother gifted me and my cousins a hand-sewn blanket with splashes of colors and designs. They were so pretty, my cousins and I went back and forth over the colors we wanted. This was the first time I received a blanket from my great-grandmother, and I didn’t realize it would be one of my last gifts from her. My great-grandmother is still alive and has been doing good on her own for a very long time. Last summer was the first time I’ve ever seen signs of aging from her. My aunt explained to me that she was losing her memory and that it is hard for her to remember people now. I am very grateful that my great-grandmother is still living today, but I now realize how precious every moment was with her. To this day, I still have the blanket my grandmother gave to me years ago, and I will cherish it forever and remember all the loving times we had together.  

Place(s): Florida
Year: 1927

– MR.

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more