Great Golden Chain

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My object is my grandfather’s father’s Great Golden Chain. My grandfather was born a long time ago. The chain (though I don’t know lots about) was given to my grandfather my HIS father. He was given it as a teenager. He used it for the memory of my great-grandparents. One of which died recently. My Nona. Nona was my grandfather's mother and was an excellent cook. Though they didn't have a lot of money, my grandfather got this chain. My great-grandmother, (who had died three months prior) cherished the chain. And my grandfather used this chain in memory of them, when he went to the army.

My grandfather says (He’s still alive of course) and still does; “It was once purely silver…” Now it resides in his MTA case. It is also connected to my Father. When he, my grandad grows old, and well, doesn’t reside on earth anymore, it will belong to Dad. Soon, when I have children, and WAYYY after that, it will belong to me. The silver on the chain slowly “Rold Rusty” as my grandad would say. I think it’s a very “Great Gold”. It’s a wonderful gold shade to me. I like the Great Golden Chain.

I wish my Great-Grandad hadn’t died so early in my dad’s life. I wish I could ask him when did he think of giving grandad the Great Golden Chain. And how grandad got the idea of going to the army. I wish I knew my great-grandpa more.I love the Great Golden Chain…THE END

Place(s): United States

– DW

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant