Granny Reid's Bundt Cake Pan

Antique Bundt Pan
Antique Bundt Pan

My mother was given this pan by her grandmother when she was 18 years old. The bundt pan was used for many cakes but mainly a special pound cake and the recipe was passed down to each generation. “Granny Reid’s Pound Cake”, recipe is very special to my family. My grandfather's ancestors came from the British Isles where the pound cake originates. It was brought over and made popular in the southern states of America in the late 1800s. Not every family has someone in each generation that loves to cook and is good at it. Many families have special recipes that are passed down from generation to generation, just like me. My family is important to me and I love that I can continue important traditions. 

Place(s): Walhalla, South Carolina and Ireland

– Morgan Tobey

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