Grandparents' Ornaments

Soccer Ornament
Soccer Ornament

My grandparents were always loving people. They have always been there to support me in every way possible. Always proving her unconditional love by giving gifts has been my grandmother's favorite act toward her grandchildren. My grandpa just goes along with my grandma but loves it the same. That’s why Christmas time has been one of my favorite holidays. During this time our whole family gets together and exchanges well-earned gifts and love. On Christmas day my grandparents come over and give everyone in my family gifts that we appreciate. The tradition that has gone on ever since I was a little kid is that of my grandparents give me and my brother a new ornament for our tree each year. These ornaments range from any object that represents something significant from the year. For instance, about two years ago my grandparents gave me an ornament showing my achievement in getting my first varsity goal for soccer at high school. This proved to me that they truly cared about my certain achievements. I always take great pride in my work and knowing how much my family cares about my performance truly makes me want to keep working hard at my goals.  In my mind, these ornaments bring the importance of family pride. I believe it is extremely important for families to have ongoing traditions where they express love and care for each other and recognize the feeling of unity and pride to always support every aspect of a family. 

– KH

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