Grandparent's dolls

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memories of grandparents
memories of grandparents

The dolls of the grandparents are Foodways It is used to decorate a place and they are ceramicThe tradition came because my grandparents liked to have them when their parents died to remember them. My grandmother told me about those dolls, she said that they reminded her of her parents and that most older people like her had that thing of remembering their parents and she once told me that the day she died I had to take care of them for her . and always remember her with those dolls. Grandparents' dolls connect with the culture of many children like me. They keep dolls to remember their grandparents. For me, dolls are very important because I loved my grandmother very much and she always reminds me of her. something about her like having something that represents her, something that was very important to her and is important to me as well.

Place(s): El salvador
Year: 2022

– JR

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant