Grandpa's Motorcycle Helmet

In Attire

One day I found a very old motorcycle helmet. The helmet was brown, and it looked like it was made out of leather, plastic and metal. It’s texture was slightly rough and it was medium sized. I wondered why it was here. As far as I knew, nobody in my family had a motorcycle. I then ended up deciding that my grandpa would probably know, so I went to go see him.  “What’s this motorcycle helmet for?” I said.  “Oh, when I was younger I used to ride a motorcycle,” he replied, “and that was my motorcycle helmet.”  “Cool,” I said.  “You can keep it if you want.”  “Thanks!” I replied.  Then a couple weeks later we left and I brought it home and showed it to my dad. “What's that?” my dad said. “Motorcycle helmet grandpa gave me.” Now the helmet is in my room and every day I look at it.  This helmet represents my family because my grandpa gave it to me. Also it is important to me because it tells me something I didn’t know about him. This is why I chose this object.

– A.H

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant