grandmother's ring

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Relationship: Im/migrant
my grandmother's ring
my grandmother's ring

 My object is my grandmother's ring, which my grandfather gave to her after they moved to the United States. The ring is a reminder that hard work pays off because my grandfather was able to get my grandmother a ring to show how much he appreciates her. We will pass the ring down through the generations to remind ourselves that our family is always there for one another when we need an extra hand or soup bowl.  My grandfather was able to get this ring with the support and love of family. Moving and adjusting to a new environment is hard, but it is nice to have family and friends around to help you through it. When my family immigrated from Haiti, they landed in Boston because they knew some people from the area and had heard about the great schools and job opportunities, which were important for starting a family. Even though they didn't have much, they promised themselves that they would do anything they could to give their kids what they needed to support themselves in the future. 
My family is unique because everywhere I look I am surrounded by their support, whether they are there in person or sending gifts, calls, or text messages when I least expect it., Growing up in a time when the world sometimes feels like it is split, it is nice to know that I have people around me  who I can trust and go to for advice. The one thing I can be sure about in life is that I will always have my family behind me, supporting me no matter what challenges may come my way. 

– JS

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant