Grandma's Three-Diamond Ring

This ring has a valuable memory. My Grandma first had it on her finger the day she got married, and this ring also brings her memories of struggling with her husband in 1946 after World War II ended in 1945. However, this multi colored diamond ring was a really valuable treasure for both of them and it represents the tough situation that they both had in their marriage. There were days that they both thought about selling this ring to survive, but the love and memories that they both had made them change their mind. My grandmother migrated to New York when the economical situation in Puerto Rico was really poor, so she decide to immigrate in 1946 after World War II ended. She immigrated on September 12, 1946 by Airplane on Rafael Hernandez Airport, since her husband worked a lot in that year, that they could have the money to go by plane. She went from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to an airport closed to the Mainland (That's the term she used to identified New York). This ring was very significant, since after getting married in 1944 while the World War II was still going on, they didn't have the opportunity to get jobs, and this rings reminds them all that struggle in that situation, that they even though that they will not survive this situation. But at the end of the tunnel like she said, she find hope, and the Mainland save her and her husband, so that's why the rings is so important to them.

Year: 1945

– Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant