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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
USA, little apartment in Napa
USA, little apartment in Napa

My grandma and grandpa got to T.J Mexico, they jumped over a wired fence and my grandma's shoe got stuck, so she left her shoe there. Once they crossed my grandpa asked my grandma if they wanted to stay in San Diego to stay and live, my grandma didn't like it, so my grandpa drove my grandma from southern California to northern California, and my grandpa kept asking my grandma if she liked any of the little towns. She kept saying no until she fell in love with Napa. This is where they decided to get a job and have a family. My mother is 1 of 5 children from my grandparents who were born in the Napa Valley.
We don't have a specific tradition, but we are very traditional with our Mexican culture to believe in the Santos Reyes witch is celebrated in Mexico. Santos Reyes is the three wise men that come and leave a gift in kid's shoes after Christmas, the first week of January. On that day we like to enjoy Rosca of the pan with a hidden baby in it. 

Place(s): T.J Mexico, Napa Valley
Year: 1975


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant