Grandfathers Track sweatshirt

In Attire
My Grandfather wearing the sweatshirt.
My Grandfather wearing the sweatshirt.

The object I chose for this assignment was my grandfathers' Egyptian track sweatshirt. His name was Alexandre Parodos. This object was used to keep members of his track and field team, ελληνικό αθλητικό σωματείο της Αιγύπτου or in English the Greek Athletic Club of Egypt, warm in between track events or if it was just a cold day. My grandfather was wearing this sweatshirt the day he set the Greek and Egyptian national records for high jumping six feet and one inch. He set the record, which in his time was completely unheard of since this was back before the Fosbury Flop. This sweatshirt also tells the story of my grandfathers' immigration from Egypt to Canada to Philadelphia to Framingham, Massachusetts, that sweatshirt was with my grandfather all of the way. Another reason I chose this object was because I felt that this object was important was it tell of the life he left behind and the change he underwent going from a national record setter to a successful businessman. This object is important to me because this sweatshirt represents the ability to be both athletic and intelligent, which is my life goal.  

Place(s): Egypt, Canada, Framingham Massachusetts
Year: 1956

– Zachary

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant