Grandfathers hat

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Relationship: Im/migrant
This is my grandfathers Stetson hat.
This is my grandfathers Stetson hat.

The object that I chose was my grandfather's hat. This hat was a Stetson hat made and bought in Italy. The Stetson hat was brown and had a feather that was red, brown, and beige. After three years of living in Italy my Grandfather immigrated to South Carolina. This has was special to him because it was is favorite hat. Since this hat was his favorite he only wore it on special occasions. This hat shows my identity of being part Italian because my grandfather, with this hat, immigrated from Italy to South Carolina.  This hat was passed down by my grandfather to my dad to me. This hat is important to me because it was my grandfather's hat forever until he died. What makes this hat unique is that my grandfather collected hats and this one was his favorite.

Place(s): Spain

– Thomas

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant