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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This photo album holds many fun memories
This photo album holds many fun memories

It all started when my parents got married in Bangladesh.  They had a daughter named Fahmida Ferdousi Saki. Three years later they figured out that she was deaf, and they rushed her to the hospital.  Since the doctors didn’t have a way to cure her, my parents decided to come to America with a visitor visa so my sister can get a surgery. After the doctors gave my sister a cochlear implant my parents started getting used to life in America. It was more easier for them because they were more educated about how to take care of deaf kids. That time Bangladesh didn’t have a solution for deaf people so they really didn’t get an education. So my parents tried getting a lawyer and my sisters surgeon also stood up for my family in court. My family’s tragic story aired on the news in America and in Bangladesh and after some time the judge decided to let my parents stay in America and they got their permanent visa. After that they settled in Brooklyn, NY and had my older brother, Samiul. Then two years later my parents had me. It was really hard to live since all 4 of us were living off of my dads low income but many years later he became a successful dad, husband, and got to support his family in many ways he never he would. 

Year: 1999

– Ferdousi Alam

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant