Golden Cross Necklace

A smooth golden chain with a gold cross.
A smooth golden chain with a gold cross.

  My grandmother Susan Shafer has been involved in church her whole life.  She became a pastor and preached at our church for years.  Once she retired, she still helped others by counseling them and doing funerals and weddings for families.  She has touched many people’s lives through this.  She once did a funeral for a lovely family who lost an important woman in their life.  The family was so thankful for all that she did for them that they gave her a small, gold cross, made to go on a necklace, to show their love and gratitude to her.  After that event, my brother and cousin got confirmed at our church.  My grandmother wanted to show her love for them and have them keep God with them always.  So, she started a tradition of giving a cross necklace to every kid in our family after they got confirmed.  If you have ever had a tradition in your family, you know how important they are.  Once my confirmation came around, I was so excited.  After I got confirmed, she gave me the same special cross.  She always says how important God, family, and living a faithful life are to her.   This makes the necklace she gave me so much more important because that is her symbol of that to me.  This cross necklace means so much to me and will always remind me to show kindness to all and to keep with me forever the core values of love and living a faithful life. 

Place(s): New York

– KS

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