Gold Chain


The object that I chose is a chain with a cross on it. This chain is special in my family because it was originally my grandpa’s. My grandpa was an immigrant from Ireland and Catholicism is important to his immigrant story. In the days before he died, he gave it to my mom, who kept it for many years. When I made my Communion in second grade my mom gave me the cross. Communion is one of the sacraments that Catholics receive. On Communion people receive the body of Christ for the first time. The cross is one of the most important objects and ideas in the Catholic religion. Most crosses show a crucifix, but instead, this one shows footprints. There are two sets of footprints, but when there is only one set, it says, “It was then that I carried you.” The cross represents how Jesus suffered in order to open the gates of Heaven to everyone. Catholicism has many ideals, but in a way, the entire religion revolves around the crucifix. The goal of every Catholic is to become more like Jesus. On the crucifix you see Jesus suffering so other people don’t have to. In my family, that quality is held very high, and that is one of the traits I wish to have. All in all, Jesus on the cross is an example of how to be a better person in my family.

Place(s): New York


Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant