Gold Rings

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It is a gold ring came from my grandmother.
It is a gold ring came from my grandmother.

My grandmother was born at Georgetown. Guyana she was a little older when she made the rings for herself she wanted something to remind her of her home. So she made 2 gold rings and left Guyana to come to. America she left Guyana because she wanted a better life for her children when they got here. By the year grew on my grandmother and grandfather got older. Then one day my grandmother got sick and she had to go to the doctor when she came out she said she was getting better but we all knew she wasn't but later that week she died in the house right next to my mom and aunt. Everyone was so crushed but we had to be strong for my grandfather. We all knew he was hurting but he did not show any emotions. But before my grandmother rest her eyes she gave my mom the two rings that she came to America with those ring was the only thing my mother had from my grandmother and she really love it , it means a lot to her. Then few months past and my grandfather passed away because you know what they say love die in pairs and I did his story last year when he gave me a gold chain.

Place(s): Georgetown Guyana
Year: 1959

– Winston Agard

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant