Gold necklace


My valuable object  is a gold neckless. Its originally comes from  Hebron in Palestine (where my dads side of the family comes from). The story behind it is that my father got it from my grandfather on the day my dad turned 12. This is very important because it went through 3 generations. And the main goal is to have this neckless passed down. This neckless was and is one of the most important things in my family for many reasons 

1.       Its over 40 years old 2.     Its made of gold (adds value) 3.    Its not from Jordan  What this neckless means to my family is: resilience, happiness, strength, power and wealth. This neckless meant the most to my grandfather, because this was the first proper piece if jewelry. Same for my father, also same for me!.   This object represents me in many ways, like its has things that relate to  my religion, it has essences from my grandfather who is a very important person to me.    My father promised me the day I turn 12 it will be mine. That’s why this object is incredibly important an has a massive impact on all of my family.   Hashem Dudin Section 3 

Place(s): Hebron
Year: 1978

– H

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant