Gold Necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
penny sized gold pentagram charm
penny sized gold pentagram charm

There was going to be a lot of attention on me today. It wasn't going to be easy, especially with so many judgemental people I didn't know.Quinceaneras are held to a certain standard, and will be talked about until the next party occurs, which could be months and even then people are happy to compare what party was better. At first, I didn't want a party, I don't really enjoy big crowds of loud drunk Puerto Ricans.When the time came, I looked forward to it. It took lots of different family members telling me about all the traditions and how it changed their youth. The most impactful stories however, were listening to my ma, and aunt. They didn't get to have one of the pretty dresses, and shimmery makeup and jewelry. Their parents saw no need for it, as far as they were concerned my Ma was "more than grown," having had to take care of baby already.I knew my ma wanted to live vicariously through me for the experience, so who was I to deny her that. I stuck to some traditions, but defied what I wasn’t comfortable with. We changed my shoes from flats to heels, then my crown and mask, going from a tiara headpiece to a large gold crown, and dainty gold necklace. The main part of the ceremony showed how I had grown. I didn't give a big speech, I didnt’ dance with my father like you usually would, instead I danced with my grandfather, and thanked every individual. It was simple, but I still got to connect with these traditions. I think the necklace I got that day is a perfect example of learning from your culture, and making it more beautiful and unique to fit yourself. 

– GS

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant