Gold Necklace

This is the pendant from the necklace my grandmother passed down to my mother who gave it to me. It is a gold necklace with a depiction of a religious institution. My grandmother gave it to my mom when she finished reading the Quran. My mother gave it to me in the fifth grade when I completed the Quran. Ever since then I wear it to as many family gatherings as I can. Gold jewelry is very significant in the South Asian culture, it is passed along through the women of the family. It symbolizes prosperity and has sentimental value. My family does not have much to remind us of my mother’s family back in Pakistan. However, the necklace is a significant memento me and my mother share and cherish together because it reminds us of my grandmother. Religion and culture play a large role in my grandmother’s life. My gold necklace means a lot to me because it is a symbol of my culture and even though I live in America, I still have a piece of my grandmother’s values with me.

Year: 1980

– Aisha Oza

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