Hamsa Necklace


To anyone else, this hand has no meaning. To me, this hand represents a connection to my religion through the numerous values it possesses. Although I am not highly religious, Judaism has been a meaningful part of me ever since I was born. From going to temple once in a while to celebrating several important holidays with my family, the Jewish religion had existed in family dating back to the years of my ancestors. A few years ago, around 2011, my grandparents had taken a trip to my grandfather’s favorite country, Israel. From Safed, they brought back a beautiful necklace with a sparkling hamsa charm hanging from it. Also known as the Hand of God, the hamsa is meaningful to me because it symbolizes a few aspects of life that my grandmother cares most about, for example peace, happiness, and good health. When I wear the necklace, I am reminded not only of my grandparents, but of the value and importance that this symbol has. In addition, this necklace allows me to feel more connected to my Jewish ancestors. This gift has also inspired me to follow a track that will lead me to the life I want to live, which means accomplishing all of my goals in the future in order to remain happy and well. As a result of receiving this cherishable gift, I have learned to appreciate life and value the Jewish religion, considering it has had an impact on the rest of my family since forever. 

Place(s): Israel

– Alexa Hirschberger

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more