Gold Lakshmi Pendant and Chain

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
5-gram Gold Lakshmi Pendant
5-gram Gold Lakshmi Pendant

Centuries ago, my great-great-great (some more greats) grandfather, a Maharaja, was traveling on horseback alongside his loyal dog from Persia to India with sacks full of gold. Along the way, bandits attacked and fatally injured my grandfather of many greats. His loyal pet dog went searching for help in hopes of reviving his injured owner. Upon finding that his owner was dead, the dog died along with his owner. To honor my ascendant and his loyal dog, there is now a shrine dedicated to them in India. There is a family tradition in which the boys born into my family have to go and get their hair cut there on their first birthday. I have always thought that this story was nonsense, until my step-grandmother died last month. Upon her death, I learned the real story and legacy of my ascendant and was honored that she left me a twenty-five gram chain dating back to my famous ascendant along with a five-gram pendant of Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both in solid gold. My dad quickly told me that when he immigrated to the United States in the 90’s for a better academic life and job, he had a picture of the chain to remind him of his family's legacy while giving him the strength to continue his education away from home. I now wear the chain, as a reminder that my family story is important, and that I should never dismiss it as a load of nonsense. I also wear it to provide me with strength and protection from the goddess Lakshmi.   

Place(s): India,Persia
Year: 1990

– Ariana Vadhera

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant