Gold Bracelet

In the Spring of 1984, Latchmy Ramlochan sacrificed her entire life in hopes of achieving the American dream. Immigrating from the slums of Guyana, she only had two things; the clothing on her body and a gold bracelet. The bracelet is not only reminiscent of her late mother, but a symbol of wisdom, perseverance, and the determination for success. As a widow, the cries of her seven children echoed throughout her excruciating journey. First, she had to travel on a boat to Jamaica to obtain a visa to get into Mexico. In Mexico, she was assaulted and robbed but managed to preserve the bracelet that was kept so tightly in her bra. From Mexico, she made the tough attempt to cross the border. She did get through the border, but was consequently locked up in America’s house of detention for three painful months. On a daily basis she was fed an apple, a piece of bread, and some water. She was forced to do “voluntary” community service. Luckily, she fought her case and a judge granted her 3-month temporary visa to the United States. Then, she married a Puerto Rican from whom she obtained her permanent resident card. Throughout the lengthy and painful quest, her bracelet was the only thing that she kept. The bracelet served as an emotional, mental, and spiritual entity that guided her through her tough times. It reminded her of the struggles and hardships she faced to immigrate to another country to acquire wealth so she can ultimately bring her dearest children.

Year: 1980

– Devin Ramlochan

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