Gold Bangles

In Attire

This gold represents my mother's history. I am from Bangladesh. If you don't know where that is, it located in south Asia near India and Pakistan. My mother and father were both born and raised there. When they got married, which was in 1980, they followed all the traditions. One of the traditions is for the grooms side of the family to give gold and presents to the bride when they get married. Some of the gold that was given to my mother was the bangles shown in the picture. In 1990 my father came to America and eleven years later, which was 2001, my mother came with my two oldest sisters. Since the moment my mother stepped into America she was wearing those gold bangles. It has been twenty years and she still wears the same bangles. She has worn the bangles through everything. When she would face discrimination because of her imperfect English or when she gave birth to three more children. Those seven bangles have been on my mothers wrist for twenty years and one day they are going to be on mine and then on my children. Those seven bangles represent something very special and meaningful.

Year: 2001

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