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Girl Scouts Doll and Container
Girl Scouts Doll and Container

Girl Scouts, and even Boy Scouts, has been a part of my family for a few generations. I received these from my Nana (Great Grandmother) when I was around 14. They represent how important the activity is to us and how much learning experience it has given us. My Nana had her own troop which my Grandma was a part of. My Dad joined the Boy Scouts and enjoyed its many adventures when he was young. My step-mother joined Girl Scouts at a young age and later on became my step-sister and my own troop leader. My step-brother joined the Boy Scouts under the guidance of my Dad. Together all of us shared our stories with one another and got to talk about all the opportunities we had and places we got to go. Growing up and being a part of that experience taught me so many things about myself and my family. Now that this chapter of my life is almost over, I never regret joining the one group that actually made me feel belonged.

Place(s): Virginia

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