Growing up I didn't celebrate my birthday that much, most of my birthday presents I got were surprise or birthday cakes. During my 15th birthday when I went back to Bangladesh to visit, I got a mug from my niece as a gift. The mug had a picture of me and her and I brought it with me to the United States. The only gift that I still have with me.  Whenever I look at the mug it reminds me of Bangladesh and how we celebrated my birthday. It also reminds me of my oldest sister that is in Bangladesh, she is the only one that still lives there.  I start to remember everything I did when I went back to Bangladesh and all the sweet memories comes to my mind slowly and I kind of feel sad because I miss my sister but still I am glad that I got the mug that reminds me of so many good things. I hope I can keep this gift safe and with me as long as I live, as childhood memories.

Place(s): Banglaedsh
Year: 2021

– M

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child