German Police Dogs

Police pups in training in Germany
Police pups in training in Germany

I am a 4rd Generation immigrant, from Wernigerode, Germany. My Great-Grandfather Frederick and Great-Grandmother Jenny along with their son Heinz, immigrated to the United States through Canada in 1924 and settled in Michigan because his friend worked for the Wabash Railroad and offered him a job there. By 1930 they had moved to Macon County, IL. Before Fred left Germany he trained police dogs (German Shepherds), which are pictured in the attachments. Fred and Jenny had two more children in the United States, Freda and Mary Ann (my Grandmother). Jenny was a stay-at-home mother until they divorced, and she went to work cleaning overnight in a garment factory all while raising three kids. My Great-Grandfather was in the newspaper a couple of times in Illinois because he was accused of being a German spy. He had an American flag in his front yard and a radio in his basement and the whole town thought he was a German spy with a Nazi radio, which was wrong. They wrote and sang songs about him on the radio even.

“They blamed it all on Frederick Johns, an honest working man…” 

The rest of the song might be lost with the times, because I couldn't find it anywhere and our family cannot remember the whole thing.  Attached is the article along with another awkward article of his medical woes. I think it must have been hard for him to come to America, loving this country and being called a spy after 14 years of being a citizen, but it wasn’t the first time in history that has happened, and it certainly will not be the last. 

Place(s): Germany, Michigan, Illinois
Year: 1924

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