My blanket
My blanket

 My object is called Blanky. Blanky is a blanket, and it is pink. It used to be a darker pink but now it is a dull ripped up pink. It is made out of cloth/fabric and used as a blanket, but I keep it next to my head when I sleep. My family all have their “things” that they have had all their lives, given to us by someone in our family. My sisters have their yayas which was a little blanket they used to bring with them everywhere. My mom has her bunny stuffed animal and I am unsure what my dad had. My great grandma gave me my blanky. I connect my object to my birthday because that’s when I got it, when I was born. Blanky connects to my identity because when I think of myslef I think of things that I care about and my family. My family gave me my blanky and I care about it very very much. My object is important to me because I’ve had it all my life and I have been through a lot with it, and when I was little I always thought that my blanky would be there for me through everything, and I loved it like a member of my family.

Place(s): New York
Year: 2006

– OB

Relationship:  unknown unknown