Framed Map of Western London

My object is a map of western London that dates back to 1890. My parents bought this object when they lived in England. My parents bought this item at an antique market called Portobello Market. Portobello Market is one of the largest trading markets in England. This item has been hung in my house since I was born and it is a beautiful painting. My parents decided to buy the map because they were going back to the U.S. wanted something to remind them of their times in London. This item means a lot to my family since every time they look at it, it reminds them of their times. Also when I look at it I remember what is was like in England. My time in England had it’s, ups and downs. My family and I got to see amazing sights and have an startling experience, but my grandma died when I was there wish is why I have mixed emotions about the map. The painting connects to me because not only did my parents live in England for two years, but I have many ancestors that are English. I have English ancestors on both sides of my family. My mother has strong English ties. On my father's side my great-great-great grandma, was from London and they immigrated to America. That’s how we got here

Place(s): New York City, London

– Xavier Stoldt

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more