Frame of Prayer


       About 20 years ago, my father moved into an apartment in Bloomington, Minnesota. He and my mother were already married but she was still in California. Her and my dad decided that it would be best if my dad moved to Minnesota first so he could get a job and a home so my mother would already have a place to stay. My dad ended up living alone for 1 year. One day, during that year, he stumbled across a frame of Jesus in the garbage. He took it for himself and hung it up in his apartment. After that year, my mother moved in with my dad. Life went on. My mother always wanted kids. She would pray to the frame of Jesus everyday in the hopes that she would have children. Years went by and she had her first kid, my big sister. 2 years later, she had me. Another 2 years later, she had my little sister. In the span of 20 years and now, her and my father hung that frame in every home they’ve had. About 2 years ago from today, my little brother was born. My family consists of 4 happy children, my mom, and my dad. We are one, big, happy family. My mother still prays to the frame. It is very valuable to the family. To this day, it is in our home, hung up, looking down on us.

Place(s): Minnesota

– Jocelyn CS

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