Fragments Of Your Heart

Smaller pendant being written about.
Smaller pendant being written about.

When you first left I didn’t understand. I always wondered when you were coming back. I didn’t cry because I thought it was only temporary. But as time passed I realized you were sleeping forever. Even though you left so soon you had already made a difference in my life. You would sit with me and watch tv, you would save me from getting in trouble, we would nap, and eat together. You were my grandmother, and best friend before I knew what a best friend was. You left my brother and I handfuls of jewelry. All beautiful various pieces of  jewelry that will be passed on for future generations in our family. These pieces of jewelry will always have a fragment of your heart embedded into every piece. As I wear a small pendant around my neck it reminds me of you everyday. A small gold pendant that carries around a fragment of your heart everyday. I walk around proudly, wearing this piece of you everyday reminding me that our hearts forever intertwined, and you watch over me steadily. You left before you could meet my brother and you would have loved him. He already wears pieces of your love around his neck, and he cherishes it always. We miss and love you. 

Place(s): Lowell Ma

– TL

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant