Forever MJ <3


My sister in law Melia (MJ) was a light to anyone who met her. MJ was the kind of person who would always make you feel better with her warm hugs and infectious smile. Fridays were MJ's favorite days of the week, and every Friday she would dedicate at least an hour of her time to dancing to her favorite tunes and ordering her favorite take-out. She was tragically taken from this world on Dec 4, 2021. This loss has taken a huge toll on our family and we all miss her dearly. For the last two years I have been wearing this bracelet every Friday in remembrance of her. For anyone who has ever lost a close family member or friend, cherish those objects you have to remember the love you shared. This bracelet will always bring a smile to my face because I have so many good memories with Meila. 

Place(s): Norfolk, Va

– Robyn Jones

Relationship:  unknown unknown