Fondue Pot sitting on table.
Fondue Pot sitting on table.

I grew up in a family without many traditions except for on some holidays. My favorite and unforgettable tradition is fondue on Christmas Eve. This incredible tradition has run in my family for years, at least since my grandparents were kids. This tradition is originally from Europe, mainly France & Switzerland, although it is celebrated in many other countries by many other people, including the United States. Ever since I was a young kid, I dreamed of Christmas for two reasons: for the presents & for the delicious cheese & CHOCOLATE fondue! A couple of years ago, we had a pot that had been on my mom’s side since of the family she was a kid. We had to get rid of it because it was a little bit too old & didn’t work that well anymore. This is a picture of the new pot. Now, I prefer the new one, but the old one made me feel happier about eating it. For the past few years, I have always been the one to slice up the bread. My mom, dad, & brother make the cheese & heat it up. Although my mom’s side is not European since the 16 or 1700s, my dad’s side is a little bit German, but his family didn’t carry the tradition. As I said before, this fondue tradition has been a thing for probably centuries & is worldwide. It will likely continue to spread & become more popular because it is incredible, with the bread swirling gently in the cheese, or warm chocolate dripping from the sweet strawberry.

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