Flo's Wig journey

In Attire

For my object I chose my first wig. Wigs are something every female in my family wears. I hadn't realized it until recently that my hair journey has been largely impacted by my wigs. When I  lived in Cameroon I could either cover up my natural hair or shave it off. I used to think my female family members always wore wigs or protective hairstyles because they didn't like their natural hair, but I have come to understand that society didn’t accept their kinky hair. When we came to America we didn't have to shave our hair but now we had to make it look like other Americans because of the unspoken pressure from schools and jobs. As we settled we slowly built our confidence and grew to love our kinky hair. Till this day it is still hard for me to fully love and appreciate my hair. Regardless of the occasional frustration, my family as a whole has learned to love our natural hair and our wigs at the same time. My family's issue may not be very common in the United States, but I know there are many West African immigrants who have gone through a similar situation.

Place(s): Cameroon
Year: 2009

– FN

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child