first communion dress

In Attire

My object is my First Communion Dress. My object was used for my First Communion.  This an event that happens at the Church when you are in second grade,  if you are a girl than you have to wear a dress, and this dress is white and long, with short sleeves, and ruffles at the bottom.

This dress was given to my mom on her First Communion, from my grandmother. Then, because my mom was older than her siblings, the dress was passed down to all her sisters, then to my sister, than to me. This has been a tradition in my family, that if you are a girl, to wear this dress, and it is important to me that I keep the tradition going.

This means a lot to me and my family, because we all wore it for the same reason, and we were all in the same position. This also connects to my family because, we have a picture of all the girls in our family wearing this dress. It also connects to my religion because for my family your first communion is very important, because it changes what you do at the Church, and I still go to Church and Church is very important to me and my family. 

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