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My dads side of my family is Puerto Rican where as my moms side is Italian. Having lived in Puerto Rico for most of his childhood my father lives a life that details both American and Puerto Rican culture. Though he didn't live there his whole life so his cultural identity is directly linked with American values. He was born in the U.S but moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 3 and back to the US at the age of 17. Having 6 brothers and sisters whom some were born in the US and some in Puerto Rico family gatherings consist of many different Puerto Rican traditions. In my house there are items such as a Pilan which can have many different uses. Often at family gatherings there will be both rice and beans a traditional food enjoyed by Puerto Ricans. My family still owns the house they grew up in which was unharmed in hurricane Maria. But the hurricane reminded my family the importance of keeping items that have sentimental value. Thus my dad and his brothers went to Puerto Rico last year to redo the house they grew up in and meet up with old friends and neighbors from the area. Through Puerto Rico's link with American politics the area often has the same traditions as American people. In fact when in Puerto rico nearly everyone speaks English. My father and all of his siblings speak fluent English.

Place(s): Puerto Rico

– max velazquez

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