Family Tapestry!

These images are from my Nonna's house. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve is celebrated there. These hold a special meaning to her and our family because they came from her house in Italy. Like other families, mine immigrated from Italy. In my families case, it was a Chain Migration where my Papu (my grandfather) came to America first and then the rest of my family came later. My Nonna (my grandmother) flew to New York with her 3 kids; at the time, my mom, age 7, and my aunts ages 5 and 2. She didn't take much with her, but this tapestry and some of the objects in the shown cabinet. When they came to America they didn't have much, but they were fortunate enough to be one of the families that came here and provide a home for their kids comfortably and build a great life. To my Nonna these objects were her home and resembled all that she left behind. The tapestry reminds her of her big family and the gatherings they used to have. The belongs in the cabinet are from all her many trips back to Italy and she's take them from from her house. Most of these were given to her from her mother, my great grandmother.

Year: 1972

– Alexandra K.

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