family photo


I am named after my great grandfather Angelo, who brought my family to America. He spent most of his childhood bedridden and barely able to walk. He came to America at 15 to work and earn money to bring back to Italy, going back and forth many times and eventually returning to Italy with an assortment of skills he had acquired in engineering and construction. With his skills and the money he had saved from America he built a farm. A few years after Mussolini came to power, my great uncle Sam, at that time Giuseppe, was conscripted into the youth wing of Mussolini's government. Within a day Angelo gathered the family and returned to America once again. On that trip back to America, my grandfather Albert was born. The photo above shows the family on the boat ready to come to America in 1929. They are circled in red, and Angelo is farthest to the left followed by Josephine, John, and Angela on the right pregnant with Albert. The photo was taken by my great uncle Sam. 

– Angelo

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