Family Photo

This is a photo of my grandpa, my mom and uncle. My grandpa was 22 years old here. At a young age he decided he wanted to give his kids a better life than his. In Mexico he was a shoemaker but he knew it did him no good and he decided to move to the United States. In the U.S. he had to work hard, he worked in downtown Los Angeles for $3.25 an hour. It wasn’t easy and he fought for many years, he suffered many problems to help his kids, support his parents in Mexico. He continued working in different companies until he reached one of his goals. His first achievement was buying a house. In this house we have had many happy moments, his grandchildren were born and raised in this house and he continued fighting to get what he always wanted, get a business of his own which deals with upholstery. My grandpa is a great example of fighting for what we want, studying and working hard for getting what we want.

Year: 1985

– Oscar Bugarin

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